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A few of our testimonials...

Britta proves that clients of any age can benefit from her careful instruction and care. Our dad is 101, and has had multiple problems in the last couple of years. But Each time she gets him fit and mobile, within the realm of possibility. She is knowledgeable, kind, patient, and understands the rhythms of the human condition, but she is gently insistent too. That why we have dubbed her BB, Britta the Best.  

Jill and Nina Totenberg

Britta is a tenacious trainer who totally focuses on her client.  She addresses their individual needs and supports them emotionally which allows the individual to attain their personal best.  She makes me feel that I am the only person she trains, and it is an experience that both builds my confidence and improves my well being helping me to take it to the next level.

Paul Fireman, Chairman and CEO, Reebok International Ltd.

My wife and I love using Britta!  She is an expert.  It is an hour of non stop exercise that is always different and creative.  Her bubbly personality makes the hour go by quickly even though you are working your tail off and sweating profusely.  She makes you feel like you can conquer the world.  She IS the Best of Boston.

Barry Tatelman, Jordan's Furniture

Britta has been my personal trainer for over 13 years.  She is always bringing new ideas, techniques and interesting "equipment" to our regular exercise sessions so that in the entire 13 years I have never been bored or unchallenged.  Britta's greatest skill is her interest in and compassion for her clients.  She has great knowledge of yoga, meditation, pilates, and relaxation therapies as well as the other more "traditional" fitness skills.  Her sensitivity and adaptability make the "task" of fitness a joy for those of us lucky enough to be trained by her.

Gretchen Fish, Weston

Britta is a veritable force to be reckoned with.  Strong, kind, tireless, encouraging, she accurately assesses my capability and with realistic, incremental steps, she motivates me to achieve physically what I previously deemed impossible.  Beyond Boston's Best.  I suspect, Best in world.

Jane Forsyth, Clinical Psychologist

Britta trains some very high profile clients, but confidentiality is her utmost priority.  I have been trained by private personal trainers both at traditional and nontraditional fitness settings.  I never came close to being as motivated as I am with Britta and I think her other clients will say the same.  Not only is she the consummate professional, but her vibrancy and enthusiasm are second to none. 

Susan Tayebati, Weston

I can honestly say that she [Britta] is nothing short of a miracle worker.  Britta takes a great deal of time to get to know each client, design a program suitable for each person's needs and goals and continues to re-evaluate each client to insure those needs and goals are being met.  She is always listening to her clients, not only to continually improve the workout, but to hear the underlying message.  Britta is also excellent with teenagers.  My daughter had specific goals to achieve by the beginning of the Lacrosse season this year.  Britta designed a program specifically to meet those goals and my daughter now looks better than I do!

Martha Stephenson

Britta has been working with my 91-year-old mother for 6 years.  She is the central reason for my mother's physical well-being.  Britta's warmth and humor help to keep my mother smiling and mentally engaged.   My mother adores Britta, as does everyone in our family. 

Virginia Drachman


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